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Prosser is a beautiful small town with a big country feel.  It is situated in the foothills of the Lower Yakima Valley with the Yakima River flowing through three sides of the town.

Prosser had two beginnings.  The one site known as Kinneyville, named after James Kinney who came in 1882.  He decided it was a good place to stay so he built a hotel and some other buildings and dug outs by the Yakima River but refused to give the Northern Pacific Railway a right-of-way which became his downfall.

In 1882, Colonel William Farrand Prosser, special agent for the Department of the Interior, filed a land claim near the falls in the Yakima River.  The new town site was called Prosser Falls.  When Mrs. Prosser, who was the community's first postmistress, wrote to the Post Office Department asking that the name of Prosser Falls be designated for the new post office, the department replied there were so many communities with Falls for the name that it would be confusing to add another.  At that time, Falls was dropped and the town became known as Prosser. 

In 1899, Prosser was incorporated.  Prosser was part of Yakima and Klickitat Counties until 1905 when Benton County was formed.  Prosser became the County Seat of Benton County.  Prosser platted free land for Churches.

The railroad and irrigation in the early 1900's played a huge part in making Prosser a flourishing town.  Irrigation on the Horse Heaven, Roza and Rattlesnake Hills has been a boon to our community.  All varieties of grain, vegetables, all variety of fruit and many grape vineyards surround our valley.

Prosser now has a population of just over 5,500, and the local economy centers around agriculture.  Prosser today is a tranquil oasis of green with its peaceful river meandering through the velvet hills that cradle Prosser's tree-lined streets.  This clean, attractive town is friendly to all and features old-fashioned light poles and cobbled sidewalks.  Prosser has even been dubbed the "Birthplace of the Washington Wine Industry."  Almost 300 sunny days annually lend way to a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating and golf.  Prosser is indeed a great place to visit or call home.

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Prosser Chamber of Commerce is an organization with membership open to any business, individual or group sharing the common goal of making Prosser a better place to live, work and play

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