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Local Schools

There are 6 public schools in Prosser and  the student to teacher ratio in Prosser for public schools is 22:1, with a total student count around 3,000 students.  The average teacher in the Prosser School District has 13.5 years of teaching experience, and more than 69% have at least a Master’s Degree.

District Administration & Business

Superintendent Ray Tolcacher

1126 Meade Ave. Ste. A

Prosser, WA 99350

(509) 786-3323


Keene-Riverview Elementary (509) 786-2020

Whitstran Elementary              (509) 973-2345

Prosser Heights Elementary (509) 786-2633

Housel Middle School (509) 786-1732

Prosser High School (509) 786-1224

Prosser Falls Secondary School (509) 786-2527

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Further Education

Prosser is also within easy driving distance of several higher education opportunities:


Yakima Valley Community College, Grandview Campus

500 W Main St.

Grandview, WA 98930

(509) 882-7000


Columbia Basin College

2600 N 20th Ave

Pasco, WA 99301

(509) 547-0511


Washington State University Tri-Cities

2710 Crimson Way

Richland, WA 99354

(509) 372-7250 

Chamber Membership

Prosser Chamber of Commerce is an organization with membership open to any business, individual or group sharing the common goal of making Prosser a better place to live, work and play

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